Conceiving With Hypnosis

Natural Method

Conceiving with hypnosis is not the first thing people think of either when they think of hypnosis or conceiving. But it can often help couples when there is no underlying physical reason. It is advisable to have a thorough check-up with your doctor and any specialist that your doctor recommends. Assuming that all of the tests show no physical condition to explain the inability to conceive, then hypnosis is a natural next step.

We've all heard stories of couples that were not able to conceive so they decided to adopt, and within a year of adopting, found out that they were expecting a child of their own.

Our minds are very powerful and our thoughts do affect our bodies. When conceiving with hypnosis, both mind and body are utilized and results are often realized within a few months.

A Little Story

Allow me to tell you about an ancient custom of a particular African tribe. When a woman first gets the idea of having a child, she goes off by herself into secluded place and stays in isolation until she receives the song of the child. That is the moment that is considered the birth of the baby.

She then returns home and teaches her husband the song and they sing the song together while waiting for the baby to be conceived and born.

The woman teaches the song to the mid-wives who will assist with the birth, so that the first thing that the baby hears when it is born is his or her own song.

Every child's song is unique. The song is learned by the rest of the community and sung at all special events in that child's life, which would include coming of age, marriage, any other celebrations and it is sung one final time at the moment of death to take that person into the next world.

Working In A Relaxed Way

Now contrast that with the lives that most of us live today. When do we have a moment to get away? And even when we are able to, when do we stop doing, playing, listening and watching long enough to become aware of something as special and as precious as the song of a child?

Does hypnosis help a woman to hear the song? Well, in a way, that's exactly what happens. A woman can be taught to work with her body, to expect success and even to change the response of the physical body. Specific suggestions are given that describe just the right conditions for the health of baby and mother.

Ironically, that is what the woman in Africa is also doing. She is preparing her mind to accept the fact that a baby will soon come. And "what the mind can conceive, the body will achieve."

You can, too. Use your mind and your body to prepare for conceiving with hypnosis.

Use your mind by imagining or visualizing everything working perfectly. Think of all of your systems being synchronized. Everything is happening exactly as it was intended.

It may help to do a bit of reading and become familiar with how your body works. Imagining it, then, is much easier.

Use your body by learning to relax to a very deep level, where your body systems work best. Meditate, learn deep breathing techniques or (best of all) use hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

There are other ways you can use your body to conceive, but I don't need to explain that!

Possible Interference

It is possible that an imprint is interfering with conception. An imprint is something that is seen, heard or read that changes the way a person responds.

An example of an imprint would be "All women in our family have big hips." Just hearing that statement could make a girl or young woman believe that she will become overweight.

Children often overhear conversations or items on T.V. that they ASSUME will affect them. A conversation about the emotional pain of a miscarriage or the physical pain of childbirth could be interpreted by a child as a good reason not to have children. And even if the woman doesn't remember that conversation, the decision she made can affect her body in ways that can interfere with conception.

In conceiving with hypnosis imprints can be cleared and suggestions given to counter any mis-interpretation.